With the same mouth
That once kissed me,
You now use against me.

Incantations of bitterness,
You fervently spit.
Wishing my downfall.

Demonized me, you have.
Painted me a ghoul
And smeared dirt upon my name.

Once a sworn protector,
Converted and now rendered,
There you stand, my greatest aggressor.

Just a House

It was our home.

It held our love
Our laughter
Our life
Our dreams
And our pain.

But now,
Without you.
Without me.
Without us.
It is just a house.
That holds nothing.
Nothing but memories.
Memories that may as well be dust.

Insidious Bitch

Her hands clench my throat
My breath choked under her cold apathetic grip
My heart aching from each dreaded beat

Her vice constricts my chest
Making the air thin
But the feeling of doom thick

Her voice insidiously rings in my head
She whispers threats
Promising, commanding and precipitating ruin

Her presence guts me.
Seized, plundered and spilt out
All that I am now debilitated to a bleeding and battered wreck.

I am hers
And she is mine.
That poisonous destructive fucking bitch.

Making a ‘Living’

We exit the train
Methodically and in order
The working heels striking the ground
Drumming away a chorus of forced formality

Expressionless and void
In the company of many
Yet isolated and singular
Fading is our essence of community

Is this the great tempo of life?
Losing ourselves to sustain ourselves
Only united in one similarity
Our submission to this economical machinery

This is Me

A chance to recreate

An introduction where I will defy your preconceptions

Or rather, your misconceptions

No longer will I comply with your blurbs for my life

Blurbs which did not capture me

Not in interest

Or in personality

I’m the one with the restart

I’m the one with the pen

It’s not a new me,

This is me.

This is my tale.

And this is my poetic license.

Photo: Writing process shot. It was a napkin scribbling kind of day.