Insidious Bitch

Her hands clench my throat
My breath choked under her cold apathetic grip
My heart aching from each dreaded beat

Her vice constricts my chest
Making the air thin
But the feeling of doom thick

Her voice insidiously rings in my head
She whispers threats
Promising, commanding and precipitating ruin

Her presence guts me.
Seized, plundered and spilt out
All that I am now debilitated to a bleeding and battered wreck.

I am hers
And she is mine.
That poisonous destructive fucking bitch.

An Inkling

How sweet a taste

A glimpse, a flash

The first lifting of a burden

A burden never mine to carry


For years you restrained me

Forced me into a shell too small

You bound me so tight

I felt all breath leave


You made me your puppet

Enslaved my mind, heart and spirit

Your ropes tort with pressure

Cutting deep into anxiety


But here I stand, now vindicated

No longer yours to control

No more bending of will

Today is my deliverance


I was never meant to be a contortionist

With the purpose of performance

I am who I am

And that is enough


The shell has cracked

The ropes, burnt

I see it coming now

Here comes the dawn


How sweet a taste

A glimpse, a flash

The first inkling of freedom

A freedom now mine to have