This is Me

A chance to recreate

An introduction where I will defy your preconceptions

Or rather, your misconceptions

No longer will I comply with your blurbs for my life

Blurbs which did not capture me

Not in interest

Or in personality

I’m the one with the restart

I’m the one with the pen

It’s not a new me,

This is me.

This is my tale.

And this is my poetic license.

Photo: Writing process shot. It was a napkin scribbling kind of day.


2 thoughts on “This is Me

  1. The daily prompt was so befitting, it was almost scary. March 1st was a massive day for me. I just moved cities and left behind a job, a social circle and I guess a character description I have felt obliged to play.

    Now in a new city where I do not know anyone, where I have no social network or ideas held about me; it does truly feel like a restart and that is EXCITING!

    I hope you enjoy, and I hope now that I’m out of work and back on the study grind, I’ll be churning out some more pieces.

    x x x


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